We are dedicated to not only making business work for you and for us, but for the rest of planet too. After all, we only have one! 

Salvador Dali once said “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”. Now whilst we believe this is undoubtedly true , it does not mean that you can not strive for excellence and continually improve. So with this in mind we periodically review or strategies for minimising our environmental impact of our products and day to day business operations to ensure there is nothing we can do in a better way.

Now you have an understanding of our ethos and that we do our utmost to look after our planet it gives you an insight in to why were are often fastidious about the origination and impact of the products we provide. We feel these things are important in this ‘disposable culture’, for the future of our planet, to do what we can and to ensure that it is able to sustain our existence for many generations to come.

With all this in mind and an understanding of our underlying ethos here are some of the things we do at Onpoint:

• we use 100% renewable electricity at our offices.

totalzero deliveries from Interlink Express on all out parcels.

• ethical and environmentally aware print sourcing.

• all office waste is recycled.

If you have any ideas of way or methods we could use to improve this or want to talk to us about it please get in touch. It’s important to us. 

One of Salvador Dali’s insightful observations along with a picture showing his iconic moustache. Find out more about the Spanish Master at the official Salvador Dali website.